Utility Energy Storage

Range summary

HRESYS Large Container energy storage system (CESS) is for the demand of integrated energy storage system, with internal integration battery cabinet, battery management system (BMS), container monitor system, and can according to customer demand for integrated energy storage converter and energy management system.

HRESYS electrochemical energy storage system provides intelligent load management concepts for transmission and distribution sides, and can adjust peak and frequency regulation modes according to grid load conditions. Realize functions such as capacity expansion and backup power supply on the transmission and distribution sides of the power grid, and integrate more renewable energy on the transmission and distribution sides to maximize the operation of the power grid in a safe, stable, efficient, and low-cost environment.

Features and Benefits

Enhance the stability of the power grid on the power generation side, optimize the output curve of power generation, reduce the phenomenon of wind curtailment on the power generation side, improve the frequency and peak regulation function of the power grid on the power generation side, increase the proportion of renewable energy power generation, and optimize the energy structure on the power generation side.


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