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HRESYS ESS Energy Management System(EMS) is cloud-based energy management with functions of data acquisition, monitoring (SCADA), automatic generation control (AGC) and planning and optimize the performance of the generation and/or transmission.

Monitoring and management function

Data acquisition and management

The monitoring system can communicate through intelligent devices, real-time and timing data acquisition of analog and switching quantities, and all electrical data are directly sampled by AC to ensure high precision and simultaneity of measurement.

Analog acquisition:

Including voltage, current, active power, PCS charge and discharge capacityand ambient temperature and humidity information etc.

State quantity collection:

1) Fire alarm signal;

2) Fire, PCS, BMS fault signals;

Electrical energy collection and management:

1) Accumulated discharge capacity;

2) Accumulated charge capacity;

3)Battery bank SOC, voltage, current, temperature, alarm ect.

PCS running status monitoring

The system can control the startup and shutdown of the energy storage system PCS, and can set the charging/discharging time and charging/discharging power of the PCS.

Monitoring including basic parameters of PCS, normal operation, abnormal operation, fault alarm,  charge and discharge state, charging current, discharge current, battery pack voltage, cumulative charge, cumulative discharge amount.

Other monitoring including Air-conditioner status monitoring, Indoor temperature and humidity monitoring, Fire alarm detection etc.

System Interface

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